Freedom From Smoking

​The top ten reasons to quit smoking, according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, are:

  1. Reduce chances of heart attack or stroke
  2. Reduce chances of lung cancer, emphysema and other lung diseases
  3. Have better smelling clothes, hair, breath, home and car
  4. Climb stairs and walk without getting out of breath
  5. Have fewer wrinkles
  6. Be free of morning cough
  7. Reduce number of coughs, colds and earaches your child will have
  8. Have more energy to pursue enjoyable physical activities
  9. Save money from not buying cigarettes and have money to buy other things
  10. Have more control over your life

Adventist Health Sonora offers a seven-week Freedom from Smoking course. Class participants learn how to overcome tobacco addiction and start enjoying the benefits of better health. Topics include medicines that can help with quitting, lifestyle changes that make quitting easier, preparing for quit day, managing stress, avoiding weight gain, developing a new self-image and staying smoke free for good.

This class is covered by most private insurances and Medicare. For those without insurance or whose insurance does not cover the class, $50 scholarships and discounts are available.

For more information, please call (209) 536-3726.