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Hand and Wrist Conditions

Our hands are critical to almost everything we do. Injuries and conditions affecting our hands and wrists can limit our ability to work and play. Our goal is to return as much function as possible and help you find relief so you can get back to the activities you love to do.

Our hand surgeon has world-class surgical experience but prefers to use non-surgical treatments whenever possible. When surgery is the best option, our procedure room at Sierra Orthopedic Institute allows us to offer convenience and a comfortable relaxed atmosphere, with no fasting requirement, no preoperative lab work and less time with only one to two hours required in the office. In-office procedures include both mini-open and ultrasound guided carpal tunnel release, trigger finger release, cyst excisions and more. Advanced hand surgery techniques provided at Adventist Health Sonora’s Surgery Center include fracture care, Dupuytren's contracture release surgery, elbow arthroscopy, wrist and finger joint replacement, tendon repair, and much more.

Innovative treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome at our office in Sonora

As one of only four facilities offering ultrasound guided percutaneous carpal tunnel release in Northern California, we provide innovative treatment options that offer relief and a faster recovery. Request an appointment today to find out if you are a candidate for this minimally-invasive procedure that can get you back to work and play without the struggle of pain, numbness or tingling in your hand or arm.

Benefits of ultrasound guided carpal tunnel release include:

  • Procedure is done in office and takes just minutes
  • Specialized needles are used with no incision required
  • Recover in about two weeks, instead of a month or more

Your hands are in the right hands with us. Learn more about a few of the hand and wrist conditions we treat in the videos below and request an appointment today.

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