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Maternity Care in Tulare

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The Family Birth Center at Adventist Health Tulare features 12 private, spacious rooms and supportive services, all housed in a comfortable, secure environment. Some amenities of the Birth center include:

OB-GYN on call 24/7

In addition to certified, experienced providers, we also have Anesthesia for epidural on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Now you don’t need to travel outside of Tulare to have your baby.

Comfortable, high-tech rooms

We offer 12 spacious, private patient rooms with high-tech maternity/delivery beds for maximum comfort. We offer free Wi-Fi, sleeping chair and special amenities for baby and dad.

Couplet care

After birth, experienced physicians, nurses and staff answer your questions and help new moms and dads bond with their newborns. And you are provided with a celebratory meal before you leave.

Additional on-site facilities

We have a Cafeteria, Gift shop and a Chapel in located at the front lobby with chaplains on call.

On-site C-section facilities

We work with you to deliver your baby safely with certified OB-GYN available 24/7. We offer a variety of pain control options and recovery methods.


Your Birth-Day Experience

Our Birth center is open 24/7 with certified OB-GYN available to help deliver your baby safely right here in Tulare.

The love for a baby is so special. At Adventist Health Tulare Family Birth Center, every birth is special, too. Our caring and dedicated staff recognizes each family that steps into our hospital has different needs and desires for the big day. We will do everything to make your experience warm, loving and memorable.

This website is designed to help guide you through the delivery process and answer common questions. If you have other questions or would like to schedule a tour, please feel free to call the Birth Center at (559) 605-0980.

Adventist Health Hanford offers Childbirth and Breastfeeding classes for expectant parents planning to deliver at Tulare

Childbirth classes focus on preparing the expecting mother and her support person for their upcoming labor and delivery experience. Childbirth classes are held on the first, second and third Wednesday of each month, taught by our experienced and trained Hanford Birth Center registered nurses (RNs). The fourth Wednesday of the month, and final class of the series, is the Breastfeeding Class taught by our birth center Certified Lactation Consultant, who is also an RN.

When: Monthly on Wednesdays from 6:30 – 9 p.m.
Fee: $40 one-time fee/per couple (Financial assistance available)
Location: Adventist Health Hanford, Board Room
Enter through the Hanford Birth Center main lobby

To register call Hanford Birth Center Education Department at (559) 537-1808. Registration required before the first week of class.

The class includes:

  • Week One: Introductions, pregnancy, stages of labor & natural labor including birth ball/positions
  • Week Two: Pain management & medical interventions with childbirth
  • Week Three: Postpartum care for mom, newborn care (including swaddling/diapering)
  • Week Four: Breastfeeding

The goal of the series of classes is to provide education to help the parents with building confidence in the birth process. Different coping styles are explored, as well as interventions, choices, and possible unexpected medical needs. Come and learn! No matter what your vision may be, it will be covered in class.