Support and services for comprehensive weight management

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If you struggle to maintain a healthy weight, we can help. We understand how difficult it can be to lose weight and keep it off. Our compassionate approach to weight management offers you a comprehensive program in a supportive environment where you can get off the weight-loss roller coaster and reclaim your health for good.

Why choose Adventist Health for weight management?

We understand that excess weight may be keeping you from activities that you love. We offer you plenty of encouragement along with a medically proven program to help you shed pounds and enjoy the life you were made for.

Exceptional patient experience

The team members at Adventist Health are dedicated to ensuring that every patient in our program has a positive experience that exceeds expectations.

As a participant in our weight management program, you will benefit from:

  • Personalized weight-loss plans: You are unique, and so is your weight-loss program at Adventist Health. We start with a comprehensive evaluation of your physical condition and emotional mindset and then craft a program that nourishes both your body and your soul with just the services you need.
  • No hard sell: We do not rush you into weight-loss surgery. We first try to help you lose weight through a medically supervised program that consists only of nonsurgical approaches to weight loss.
  • Multiple weight-loss surgery options: If surgery does become your best option, our skilled bariatric surgeon offers multiple bariatric procedures.
  • Close medical supervision for related health conditions: Being overweight means you probably have other medical issues, such as hypertension, diabetes and more. We closely oversee all your weight-related medical issues to provide comprehensive management of your health.
  • Treatment for mind and body: As we handle your physical weight management needs, we also help you find relief from the stress or depression that may influence your eating decisions. Count on our compassionate clinicians and support groups to help you manage the mental side of weight management.

Proven quality of care

Adventist Health Central Valley has received accreditation from the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and Quality Improvement Program®️ (MBSAQIP). This accreditation means that our bariatric program has undergone a rigorous and voluntary evaluation to ensure it is in accordance with nationally recognized bariatric surgery standards and supports continuous quality improvements to provide the best patient outcomes.

Learn more about weight management at Adventist Health

Please come to one of our free weight-loss information seminars to learn more about our comprehensive approach to weight management.

Or feel free to book a consultation with Dr. Qader if you are interested in weight management options or have been diagnosed with any of these conditions:

  • Diabetes or prediabetes
  • Depression or stress-eating disorders
  • Fatty liver
  • High cholesterol
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Infertility
  • Kidney problems
  • Osteoarthritis or joint pain
  • Postmenopausal weight gain
  • Sleep apnea

Your Surgeon

Hemn Qader, MD, comes to Adventist Health’s Central Valley Network as a specialist in minimally invasive general and bariatric surgery. His passion is to help patients achieve better quality of life through surgery and comprehensive care.

Dr. Qader is board-certified by the American College of Surgeons and well-versed in numerous surgical procedures. He offers patients advanced laparoscopic and robotic gastrointestinal surgery, bariatric/weight loss surgery, acid reflux surgery, hernia surgery, gallbladder disease and endoscopy.

Get started today! Call (559) 537-1720 to start your journey toward better health through weight management.