St. Helena

After Discharge

​​To ensure a safe transition to home, our nursing team will conduct a phone call to patients who have been discharged from our facility.

We strive to provide quality care and your feedback is valuable as we want to know how your recovery is progressing; if you have received your medications; and or scheduled your follow-up appointments.

Since 2012, Adventist Health St. Helena has partnered with Collabria Care on Hospital to Home (H2H). This program promotes a healthy transition for Medicare patients when they discharge to home. A H2H Nurse Navigator connects with patients in the hospital, at home, and through phone support for 30 days. Prompt return to their primary physician for a follow-up appointment, medication understanding and adherence, advance care planning, keeping health records and warning symptoms are topics covered during this program.

For measuring patients’ perspectives on hospital care, Adventist Health St. Helena works with NRC Health to provide a standardized survey to a random sample of patients continuously throughout the year. This survey includes important questions that encompass critical aspects of the hospital experience. We thank you for participating in this survey process and appreciate your feedback to helping improve the patient experience at Adventist Health St. Helena.