St. Helena

Survival Rates

​To help maintain and improve our survival rates, Adventist Health St. Helena has implemented the following technologies and processes:

  • Implementation of a state of the art patient monitoring system, ViSi Mobile, that allows for continuous monitoring of vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and pulse oximetry). ViSi Mobile is a device that is worn like a watch that continuously monitors vital signs and sends electronic alerts to nursing staff so they can respond quickly to a patient’s change in condition.
  • Formation of a multidisciplinary team that meets to review patient care for the purposes of identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • Utilization of electronic alerts to notify caregivers of early signs of sepsis. Early recognition and treatment of this potentially life threatening condition leads to improved survival rates. In addition, the Hospital has implemented the use of specialized equipment to ensure the patient receives the proper amount of fluids, an important aspect of sepsis treatment, leading to improved survivability of sepsis.
  • Utilization of a Rapid Response Team, which can be called by any caregiver or family member, who has concerns about changes in the condition of the patient. The team responds immediately to the request for assistance and initiates an assessment and any needed interventions to stabilize the patient.