hereditary cancer syndrome testing

Success Stories

Learn From Patients Who Have Benefited From Hereditary Cancer Syndrome Testing

Maria's Story


"With early onset breast cancer at 35 years old, I decided to have genetic testing. I tested positive for BRCA1, a gene mutation linked to increased risk of ovarian cancer. I got the treatment I needed. Thankfully, my two sisters also opted for genetic testing, one of which also tested positive for genetic cancer syndrome. I am so grateful for genetic testing. It saved my life, and it saved my sister’s life.” Read more

Brenda's Story


"I was told I had an 87 percent chance of getting breast cancer and 60-70 percent chance of getting ovarian cancer. And these were just too high of numbers for me to live with.

I'm really lucky because I was able to make decisions based on having these statistics." Read More

Rachel's Story


“Even though the results of an ultrasound and mammogram came back negative, the first thing that ran through my head was ‘this time.’ I wasn’t willing to live with that shadow over my family’s future.” Read More