Give your mood a boost

Feb 25, 2019


During the winter months, it isn’t always easy to find a sunny mood. The days are shorter, colder and the weather a bit more unpredictable. All in all, it can leave anyone feeling a little gloomy. While it’s certainly okay to have down days and accept our emotions as they are, most of us would, admittedly, rather feel happy. 

When we are in higher spirits, we are more productive and energetic — not to mention we simply feel better! At one point or another, most of us could benefit from a few simple techniques to boost our mood (particularly after those long work meetings)! 

Mood Boosters 

Get outside 

It may seem simplistic, but getting outside in the fresh air can be a big game changer. Our bodies weren’t designed to sit under florescent lights all day, every day. Clear your head with the clear air. 

Work out 

You’ve probably heard it said that exercise gives you endorphins, which usher in those happy feelings we know and love. Well, it’s true! Simply going for a walk or run, or blasting out frustrations with some weight training, can be a great way to turn the day around. 

Smile (or laugh!) 

As much as you may not feel like it, as silly as it may seem, sometimes kicking negativity is as easy as smiling. Smiling can trick your brain, sparking a chemical reaction that really can boost your mood instantaneously. 

Reward yourself 

What’s something you enjoy? A good book? A nice hot beverage? Chocolate? Treat yourself (in moderation) to lift yourself out of that funk. 

Light a candle 

Watching flickering flames is soothing. Not to mention, certain scents like lavender, eucalyptus and orange can diffuse stress and promote happiness. 

Love on an animal 

Dog, cat, rabbit, whatever your animal of choice may be, take a few minutes to love on your pet. Petting an animal alleviates stress and just makes you feel better! After all, what’s to feel sad about when your pet is smiling up at you? 

Hug someone 

Psychologically speaking, holding tight to someone we love for 20 seconds is proven to make us feel better, safer and more loved. All that in less than a minute! (But, of course, make sure it’s someone who wants to be hugged.) 

Get a massage 

Even short massages have been found to decrease depression by 70%. Never underestimate the healing power of touch! 

Eat mood-boosting foods 

Yep, certain foods can boost your mood. Walnuts, kiwis, bananas, sour cherries, pineapple, tomatoes and plums are all naturally high in serotonin and ideal snacks for anyone who’s looking for an extra dose of happiness. 

Break out of your routine 

Sometimes we get down in the dumps because we’re simply bored or stuck in a rut. At least once a week, do something outside of the ordinary or try something new. Find a new restaurant, explore a different city, watch the sunset or even just take a new route home. Whatever you do, just do it differently! 

Turn off the screens 

Too much stimuli and blue light can be bad for our brains and our moods. Instead of watching TV or staring at a cell phone, opt for an outside adventure or a good book instead. 

Strike up a conversation 

We all need to get outside ourselves sometimes. Whether you choose to talk to someone you’re close to or compliment the person ahead of you in the store checkout line, forcing yourself to have a pleasant conversation can often lead to a fresh perspective. 

Buy something fun 

Laughter really can be the best medicine. Pick up a board game to play later, a silly little figurine or a DVD of your favorite comedian. 

Have you ever used any of these techniques to improve your mood? What worked best for you? We’d love to hear your own tips and tricks for a happier, healthier today and tomorrow!