Celebrating Pastor and Clergy Appreciation Month

Oct 30, 2019


During October, we honor pastors, clergy, and chaplains as faith leaders in our communities. These men and women have dedicated their lives to community service, teaching, and leading. They are always on call, available for wisdom and dedicated to presenting a better and more compassionate humanity to us all.

At Adventist Health our chaplains are an important part of care for mind, body and spirit. With Adventist Health’s Clinical Chaplaincy Program, these trained clergy members address the emotional and psychological side of each individual, tending to any underlying challenges (conscious or subconscious). Trained with clinical guidelines and counseling standards, our chaplains not only treat the patients during an admitted stay, but also offer continuum of care with the intention to avoid re-admittance and achieve lasting rehabilitation. In addition, our clinical chaplaincy staff reaches out beyond the walls of our hospitals and clinics and works with their colleagues in local clergy to bring healing, health and hope to our communities.

We encourage all our associates and community members to take a moment to thank their clergy and faith leaders during this month as we focus on our faith community partnerships. We also thank God for the willingness of these faith leaders in our communities to serve not only within the hospital, but in the streets we call home.

Every individual that works in faith is a partner with Adventist Health in our mission to live God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope. We thank them for all that they do, and we continue to pray for the important work taking place inside—and outside—our hospital walls every day.