Your bladder and blood pressure

February 24, 2021


A full bladder and blood pressure

Did you know that having a full bladder can raise your blood pressure by 10 points or more? When the bladder is full of urine, it puts pressure on the kidneys. This can lead to higher blood pressure. Having high blood pressure can be a sign that your bladder isn’t emptying well, even if you haven’t noticed problems yet.

Trouble urinating?

As men age, a condition called chronic urinary retention becomes more common. “It may feel like you need to go to the toilet often, but the stream is weak, stops and starts, or even leaks,” says Dr. Eric Klein, a urologist at Adventist Health Tillamook. “You may find you are getting up a lot at night to urinate. These can be signs that your bladder isn’t fully emptying.”

Treatment can improve the issue

For most men, the prostate gland is the cause. Over time, the gland can grow and become like the handle on a faucet, slowly turning off the stream. The good news is that there are several treatment options to improve this condition. “You don’t have to accept bladder issues as an unavoidable result of aging,” Dr. Klein says.

Don’t delay asking for help

There can be other reasons for men to have urinating problems. Visit your provider to find out why you are having trouble urinating and/or often feel an urge to urinate. “Having a full bladder can be uncomfortable, and it can make you worry about leaving the house,” Dr. Klein said. “There are options to help you with these issues.”