2020 Daisy Award: Nguyet Nguyen, RN

Jan 8, 2021


Working on any medical-surgical floor comes with stress and challenges. Registered nurse Nguyet Nguyen, RN never faces without the power of prayer on her side and on the side of her patients. “Every time before I go on the floor I pray,” she says.

She used this special power to calm the storm for one of her patients. In doing so, she set off a chain reaction of inspiration and hope. That’s why Nguyet is the recipient of the DAISY Award, which honors nurses who go above and beyond to support patients and their families.

A co-worker witnessed how Nguyet transformed one patient’s experience by offering emotional and spiritual support. The patient, weary from several days in the hospital, was adamant about wanting to go home even though they weren’t medically ready.

Nguyet listed to every argument and frustration and even arranged a phone call with a family member. Nothing seemed to help, as the frustrated patient refused to return to bed and even punched a window at one point.

Nguyet chose to respond with love, listening to every frustration then asking for permission to pray for her patient. The patient said yes and returned to bed, while Nguyet lifted her patient’s needs in prayer. When Nguyet eventually left to check on her other patients, this individual continued praying and finally fell into a peaceful sleep.

“I love the kind of dedication I witnessed that night,” one of Nguyet’s co-workers says. “She was so patient and attentive with this particular patient, trying to relieve his anxiety when she could have done the minimum necessary.”

Nguyet has worked at Adventist Health Portland since 2003 and says the family atmosphere keeps her coming back each day. Those bonds have sustained Nguyet as she’s served on the front lines of our COVID-19 response.

“People ask me, ‘Don’t you feel tired?’” she says. “But when I go home and come back, I’m OK. I pray a lot, and every time I come back I bring God with me.”

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