Tulare patient shares positive hospital experience

Sep 15, 2021


Ramona Smith hadn’t been cared for in a hospital since the birth of her daughter 40 years ago.

But on July 31, the lifelong Tulare resident and Type 2 diabetic, knew she needed help—and fast.

Her blood sugar was severely low, and she wasn’t thinking clearly. She also felt pressure in her chest.

A friend dropped her off at Adventist Health Tulare’s emergency department.

Smith says she was terrified when she arrived, but a nurse in the ED immediately put her at ease by being calm and communicating clearly.

They even shared some laughs over their different diets.

Smith prefers plant-based foods or fish, while the nurse admitted she was more of a carnivore.

“God must have just said, ‘You’re needed in a hospital and this is where we’re going to put you,’” Smith remembered thinking about the nurse.

A short time later, Smith was admitted to the hospital, where she says the positive interactions with hospital staff continued.

Nutritional services prepared delicious meals and in one instance, went above and beyond to track down a packet of her favorite salad dressing.

Even now, she finds herself thinking about the manicotti she enjoyed before going home.

As a Christian, Smith says she appreciated the prayer cards that came with her meals.

Prayer CardShe was also grateful for the assistance of the security guards, who escorted her daughter to her room.
During her stay at the hospital, Smith says her doctor had a great bedside manner and was able to explain why her blood sugar levels were so low.

She says she now has a better plan to manage her diabetes.

Before Smith was discharged from the hospital, she asked a nurse if there was a way she could express her gratitude for the care she received.

She filled out a ‘Shout Out’ form, addressed to “Dr. [Veranyan], 2nd Floor staff, cleaning folks, kitchen staff.” Here’s how her note read:

“When I came in I had a lot of fear. My staff team made me feel safe and [I] saw how they worked as a team. Up on 2nd floor the staff gave me comfort and great care. Answered my calls + questions. Amazing food every meal plate looked like restaurant [food] and the cleaning staff [was] very caring and friendly. I feel very blessed and wish to thank my Dr and [e]veryone.”

“People need to know that this is a wonderful place for care,” Smith said.

Shout Out Card