2022 Rising Star Nurse: Cynthia Boldt, RN

August 5, 2022


The beginning of the huge Delta-variant COVID-19 surge was already washing over the Adventist Health Portland intensive care unit when new graduate Cynthia Boldt, RN, joined the nursing team. “She quickly learned and assimilated well into the care of some of the sickest patients any of us have ever seen,” says Rachel Crowder, RN, one of Cynthia’s co-workers in the ICU.

Another co-worker, Monica Burke, RN, describes how Cynthia handled an emergency while the charge nurse was off the unit. “She took control of a very scary code airway and made all the right calls,” Monica remembers.

Determined to develop her critical care skills, Cynthia flourished in a demanding environment. Her compassionate work with patients and their families inspires health, wholeness and hope even during such a tumultuous time in history.

Within six months of coming to the ICU, Cynthia oriented another nurse who was new to the ICU. “I am impressed every day with her knowledge, inquisitive mind and clinical prowess,” Monica says.

The Rising Star Nurse award is new this year. It’s given to a nurse who, in the early years of their practice, embraces new challenges, seeks opportunities to add skills and experiences to their portfolio, and deeply embraces our mission and values. We are delighted to honor Cynthia as the Rising Star Nurse she proves to be every day.