January Howard Hero- Rose Michels

February 4, 2022


Our latest Howard Hero is known for her kindness, compassion, positive attitude and overall excellence in patient care. She exudes our mission and checks all the boxes of living our values “Be Welcoming”, which she was nominated for. This means that we recognize all people are created equal and embrace them in hospitality as we would a cherished friend.

Rose Michels is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) working in our Surgery unit is this month’s amazing honoree of this prestigious award with a grand total of five nominations from staff and patients.

Rose is often a warm and welcoming face and wealth of knowledge to those around her. She is a shining beacon of help, hope and welcoming light to our team and community. 

Rose’s helpfulness crosses as far as to our other hospital campuses. We even had a nomination from the Ukiah Surgery team that reads, “My staff, who helped on the flex unit at Howard Memorial, have asked how we can recognize Rose. They were all super grateful for her help, her warm welcome, her knowledge of the department and her willingness to help with anything they needed. When Ukiah staff arrived, they had just opened the flex unit and they had never been there, did not know where anything in the surgery department was, or have access to the doors. Rose helped them any way she could, she was also very welcoming and checked in on them. They have all told me they could not have done the first few days without her.”

The nomination went on to say, “Beyond that a while back Ukiah had a surgery scheduler on LOA and then a GI office scheduler left unexpectedly, Bo and I asked her to help. She did not hesitate and came to Ukiah to help the new scheduler in the GI office. Rose helped her get a workflow, checked in and was willing to help anyone she could. Her time there helped us to keep the Ukiah surgery schedule full.”

Another nomination that came from a patient of Rose read, “Her upbeat, friendly and positive attitude was greatly appreciated. I felt well cared for considering how busy and tapped everyone is. There was great guidance on everything, even the food choices. Her capacity to be compassionate is larger than the ocean! For being alone in my room, her personal care of me and her staff were commendable. She helped me in more ways than I can describe. Rose made my anxiety and fear around surgery less and was forefront in my 2-night stay, playing music and offering care to staff. A living mother Theresa, but much younger of course!”

Time and time again her nominations speak about how amazing Rose is, how consistently she goes above and beyond for her team and patients and how wonderful she is. Our team are so lucky and thankful to have Rose at Howard. This fact showed through even more as we celebrated her and our team who attended virtually spoke up about all the wonderful ways, we love Rose.

Congratulations, Rose! Thank you for living our values and being such a great representation of our culture in our Adventist Health family.