Avoid These Top Allergens

Jun 14, 2022


Springtime in Paradise is beautiful. the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the roses are in bloom. Unfortunately, that also means allergens are in heavy supply. The top causes of spring allergy symptoms in Northern California are:

• Juniper, cedar and cypress: January to May/June

• Acacia: February to March

• Pine: February to May

• Birch and oak: March to mid-April

• Mulberry: March to April

• Walnut: April to May

• Grasses: April to June

• Olive: May to June

The best way to reduce allergy symptoms this time of year is to avoid these allergens or to premedicate with allergy medications before exposure to the environmental pollens and antigens. That means knowing which areas and activities are likely to pose problems for you and taking an antihistamine before you’re exposed to keep your symptoms under control. Decluttering your home, cleaning it frequently, switching to hardwood floors instead of carpeting and using ionic air filters indoors can also help. And consider staying home and closing your windows when pollen counts are high. Check pollen.com for a five-day forecast.

5 steps for seasonal allergy relief

If you are experiencing a runny nose, nasal congestion or pressure headaches from seasonal pollens or pet dander, try these steps:

1. Take over-the-counter allergy medication before symptoms appear.

2. Shower and shampoo before going to bed to keep allergens off your sheets and pillow.

3. Wash your bedding once a week in hot water.

4. Wear protective clothing, including sunglasses and a hat.

5. Change clothes when you get home to avoid spreading allergens in your house.