February Mendocino Coast Hero- Lorenzo Garrido

Mar 14, 2022


We’re thrilled to announce the newest Mendocino Coast Hero for this month, Lorenzo Garrido. Lorenzo is a certified nurse’s assistant (CNA) on our team at Adventist Health Mendocino Coast. He helps patients, assists our team of nurses and ensures excellence in patient care.

Lorenzo was nominated for our value of “Be Love.” This value means that love matters greatly. We treat ourselves with love and care so that we are free to love and care for others. We are trustworthy, forgive freely and find common ground with everyone.

Lorenzo was nominated by patients and team members as someone who is kind, encouraging, respectful and very friendly to those around him. He’s always willing to help his team and patients in any way he can to make the hospital an inviting and loving environment.

One patient who nominated Lorenzo wrote, “Lorenzo made me feel so at home here. He is a happy light and was willing to chat with me during my stay. He is such a kind human.”

A staff member on our team echoed the same sentiments saying, “Lorenzo is always kind and caring. He treats our patients with tender and loving care. He is always polite and very friendly. I have seen Lorenzo bring such care to a patient that it moves me to tears and opens the heart!”

In his nominations he was mentioned countless times for his incredible work with patients and his drive to work hard and to have fun while he does it. He loves his patients so deeply another team member said, “Lorenzo is amazing! Patients love him and he is a joy to work with. Lorenzo is my hero. Every time he shows up, he brings a fun-loving, hard-working attitude. I cannot say enough about how lucky I feel to have a co-worker like Lorenzo.”

We couldn’t agree more with our team and patients. We are extremely thankful to have Lorenzo be a part of our team at Adventist Health Mendocino Coast, as he lives God’s love and inspires our staff and patients as creates an environment of compassion for all.

Thank you, Lorenzo, for the work you do each day with our patients and team. Your work is seen by all and makes a huge different to our community. We couldn’t be more grateful to have a wonderful member of our team the last 18 years, as we look forward to so many more.

Join us in congratulating Lorenzo as this month’s Mendocino Coast Hero!