Adventist Health and Rideout Honors July 2023 DAISY Award Winners

Aug 4, 2023


DAISY Recipient: Johnny Uriostegui

Department: 3 Main
Nominated by: Patient

Johnny Uriostegui

Letter received by patient: “Nurse Johnny was very patient and welcoming to my mother. He helped her out throughout her first days from coming out of the ICU. He made sure my mother was always comfortable and would change her patches on time from her broken femur.

"I really appreciated his patience and thank him for staying on top of my mother’s meds. It was great to have someone who spoke Spanish to make my mom feel more comfortable, he answered all questions and concerns we had. Thank you one more time for your kindness and dedication. GO Johnny!!"

DAISY Recipient: Stephanie Doepel

Department: ED
Nominated by: Family Member of Patient, Renee Madrid

Stephanie Doepel and Renee Madrid

Renee Madrid: “I wanted to let you know that Stephanie was the nurse that took care of my grandma when she came in from the acute care for dehydration and was the greatest!!

"She introduced herself and explained everything she was doing and why. She was very attentive and even spent time looking for an extra chair so my mom and I could both sit down. It was a crazy evening and I know Stephanie had lots of other patients that were here for more crucial injuries, and she bounced around like a boss and made sure her patients knew she was their nurse.

"She was so pleasant and compassionate when asking questions as we told her the story of how grandma was here in the ER the first time with a broken hip. She was even calling my grandma “grandma” to get her to respond. Stephanie brought my mom a sandwich when she heard my mom had not eaten dinner. A heartfelt thank you doesn’t seem enough as an appreciation. I am just happy that she was our nurse for the evening.”