Care Management

Care management services support and help navigate care of Employee Health Plan members who have special or extended care illnesses or injuries. Care managers educate, facilitate and advocate for your care, and are available to you for as long as support is needed.

The care management team is made up of nurse care managers, utilization review nurses, behavioral health specialists, dietitians, and pharmacists who work together to:

  • assist you in coordination of medical care and identify available medical resources;
  • provide services specific to behavioral health issues;
  • address questions regarding medications or pharmacy benefits;
  • work with members who are pre-diabetic;
  • complete a comprehensive health assessment to help members take charge of their health and medical care;
  • develop a care plan, and work with members in setting goals to improve their health status and quality of life;
  • provide disease specific nutrition counseling; and
  • provide additional one-on-one assistance for those members who are dealing with multiple diagnoses and have greater potential of increased hospitalizations, emergency room visits and/or extensive medical treatment.

Employee Health Plan members are invited to contact a care manager.
Phone: (800) 441-2524 opt. 1

Livongo programs

The Adventist Health Employee Health Plan has partnered with Livongo to offer the following programs to eligible members at no cost.

  • Diabetes management - The diabetes management program supports people diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes and helps make living with diabetes easier. The program gives you a connected meter and unlimited strips and lancets. You also have the option to work with a certified diabetes educator for more guidance.
  • Diabetes prevention - The diabetes prevention program can help if you might be at risk of getting type 2 diabetes. The program lets you get support with smart devices, expert coaches and easy-to-follow, personalized plans.
  • Hypertension management - The program provides you with a connected blood pressure monitor. This gives you access to personalized information to help you better manage your condition. You also have the option to work with a coach for more guidance.

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Behavioral health counseling through SyncTALK

SyncTALK connects you to a licensed, masters-level counselor who can offer emotional support and help build skills in coping with the stress, anxiety and loss. You don’t have to go through challenges alone; let a SyncTALK counselor become part of your tribe. Participation is 100% voluntary and confidential. No individual or personal data will ever be shared with Adventist Health.

More information and to sign up: or call (888) 915-2752.

Weight Management Programs

The Adventist Health Employee Health Plan covers the cost of Weight Watchers at 100 percent. Discounted fitness center memberships are also available.

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Fitness Center Membership

Active&Fit Direct

Get active with a flexible and inexpensive fitness plan! Take advantage of your Adventist Health Active&Fit Direct benefit and step into a stronger new year! Find your favorite gym from thousands of options nationwide and set your fitness goals in motion today! Plus, get access to 1:1 well‑being coaching included in your membership.

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Made for More Well-being

You deserve more well-being.

Adventist Health is committed to creating a culture of well-being, where all employees are empowered to live our mission — personally and professionally. We understand you’re more than just a dedicated, mission-driven employee. That’s why we invite you to pursue your best life through well-being benefits designed to help you experience more health, wholeness and hope.

• Be a mission owner while experiencing more career well-being

• Be curious by investing in your financial well-being

• Be love and be welcoming by taking care of your social well-being

• Be brilliant and shine through enhanced physical well-being

• Be a force for good for yourself and others by building community well-being

We hope the events, programs and education help you fill each day with more of what matters most.

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Participation is not required to be eligible for the Adventist Health Employee Health Plan. With the launch of Blue Zones at Adventist Health, the LivingWell program is no longer active.