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6283 Clark Rd, Suite 15
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Phone Number: (530) 872-2000
Fax Number: (530) 332-1049

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Records

1. How may I request a copy of my medical record?

We can fax or mail you an authorization form for you to complete. You can also print one from this web site: English Version or Spanish Version.

2. May my spouse request and receive copies of my medical record?

They may with the appropriate authorization or if he/she is the executor or has power of attorney over your health-care matters. Otherwise, no they cannot.

3. Will you fax copies to my home or office?

We will fax to your home or doctor's office or hospital if it is required for patient care.

4. Will you mail the records or will I have to pick them up?

We will mail the records, unless other arrangements are made in advance with the release of information staff member.

5. How may I request copies of records from my last hospital visit?

Request them via a signed authorization form from us. If your visit was at the Feather River Health Center, you may request them from the FRHC HIM office.

6. May I obtain a copy of my X-ray films from you?

No, you will need to contact the radiology department directly. We only have access to the reports.

8. When may I expect to receive a copy of my records?

The law allows us 14 working days to answer a request. We will make every effort to get them to you by then.

9. What is your mailing address?

Our mailing address is:

Adventist Health PMC - HIM
6283 Clark Road Suite 15
Paradise, CA 95969

10. What is your fax number?

Our fax number is (530) 332-1049