childrens center programs


Toddlers/Early Walkers

Our Early Walker (young toddler) room currently runs with a capacity of 12 children and three full time teachers; maintaining a ratio of 1:4. Our early walker program is the child’s first experience with a responsive daily schedule, where the caregivers are responsive to each child’s needs as they arise, but are able to increase the children’s understanding of peers and being a member of a group. The teachers work diligently to increase the trust and secure attachments that are so vital in our earliest learners. Our highly experienced and qualified staff work closely with our toddler parents to maintain consistency and remain in close communication as children develop. Parents have in real time updates of the caregiving immediately available to them via the app on their smart phone and may message the teachers directly with important information and questions.

Our young toddler program utilizes the Creative Curriculum, and supplies the environment, activity and support for the children to attain the goals and objective that become the building blocks upon which future learning depends. Lesson plans are created with individual and group needs in mind, and the goals and are always immediately available to parents on the app.

Tours are scheduled by appointment by calling the center office at (818) 409-8184.