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More than one in every seven Americans deals with a major allergy of some kind. While not all allergies are severe, they can make everyday activities difficult by triggering responses that can cause itchiness, difficulty breathing or swelling somewhere on the body. At Adventist Health Ukiah Valley, our allergists understand how to screen for certain types of allergies and recommend effective treatments.

How allergy tests are performed

The simplest way to test for allergens is to undergo a skin test. In these tests, your doctor or nurse will apply a diluted allergen by either pricking the skin or using a needle to inject it lightly into the skin. After about 15 minutes, the results of the test will either confirm or deny your allergy to the substance. Then your doctor has the necessary information to recommend treatment.

Another way to test for allergies is by testing a blood sample in a lab. Unlike a skin test, blood tests will not yield instant results. These kinds of tests are necessary for those who are on medication that could interfere with skin testing or whose skin is too sensitive for skin testing.