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Cancer Treatment and Infusion Center

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Cancer is caused by an abnormal growth of cells. Like weeds in a flower garden, cancer cells take the nutrition needed by healthy cells to grow faster and choke out the body’s ability to sustain itself. With early detection and effective treatment, those affected by cancer can fight the disease and return to health.

At Adventist Health Ukiah Valley, our state-of-the-art Cancer Treatment and Infusion Center is designed to treat the whole patient, not just the disease. The center offers a wide range of cancer treatments, including the most advanced IV infusion therapies. These modern solutions help patients get the medications they need faster and without as much collateral damage to other tissues.

Treatments to cancer that fit your preferences

Other care options to support healing and wellness include nutritional education and support, massage, art, movement, and music therapy, much of which is offered through our Focus on Healing Program. No matter what kind of relaxation you need to feel confident about your treatment, our Cancer Treatment and Infusion Center can accommodate you.

You can expect excellent coordination of care between cancer specialists and primary care specialists by receiving long-term follow-up care and ongoing monitoring. The hospitalists at Adventist Health Ukiah Valley help to create a customized cancer treatment plan that addresses your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.