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Major Donors


Children from our Rainbow Center Day Care Program extend a warm welcome to visiting dignitaries.

Bank of America


Bank of America Career Pathway Interns with Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard, AHWM President Beth Zachary, Foundation Chair David Lizárraga and members of the Bank of America Executive Team including: Kimberly Zipp, Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Responsibility; Danielle Campos, Senior Vice President & National Philanthropy Program Manager; and Garrett Gin, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Corporate Affairs.

Investing in Tomorrow's Leaders: Last year Adventist Health White Memorial (AHWM) received a $500,000 grant from the Bank of America Foundation to enhance the hospital's Workforce Development and Volunteer Program. Through the program local youths and young adults volunteer at the hospital, learning vital job skills while helping provide non-clinical assistance to patients. The first six cohorts, totaling 153 paid interns aged 16-24, have now completed the 12-week Career Pathway Internship Program and received stipend checks from Bank of America for their work. The third group will "graduate" in mid-summer.

A key component of the program has interns rounding throughout the hospital, working in different areas ranging from the cafeteria to the surgery waiting room. They consult with nursing supervisors, visit patients, offer patients and families health education materials and information about community resources, and conduct patient satisfaction surveys. Students must complete a three-month internship, working 10-12 hours each week.

"This program has been a great success so far. We have interns who are learning real-world skills that can lead to a healthcare career," says Alicia Anaya, AHWM's Workforce Development Manager. "These paid internships allow them to interact with staff and patients to learn new skills, hone their interpersonal and social communication abilities and gain self-confidence. Some participants have already been hired by the hospital and others are continuing their education in the medical field."

"I'm really glad that I became a volunteer for AHWM," says Bagner Gonzalez, who completed the program and is now employed by AHWM. "Being part of this program has shown me many great things about life and about giving a helping hand to others." Gonzalez joined AHWM's staff on September 12, 2011 and received his stipend at the celebration ceremony. "My experience has been great from the start. It has helped me gain insight on how the hospital operates. The opportunity to explore the different departments allowed me to expand my interest in the health care profession."

Patients are grateful to have the young people assisting in their care, whether for translation assistance or simply to bring a cold drink. "They didn't want to stop saying thank you," says Ana Perez, 21, a student at East Los Angeles College, whose goal is to become a physician. For 26-year-old Mayra Hernandez, who has volunteered at AHWM for 10 years and is now part of the internship program, "this is an emotional experience for me. I cried with a man who has no family and had not had a visitor in a long time. He was happy just to have someone from the neighborhood to come speak with him."

The young interns feel especially satisfied that "we grew up here" in the Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles areas and are able to help their own neighbors. They are eager to work in their neighborhood after completing their studies. The interaction with patients has made the experience "one that I will not forget," says Edson Rodriguez, who wants to study to become a neurosurgeon."

These youngsters are nothing short of amazing," says Garret Ginn, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing & Corporate Affairs at Bank of America, who recently visited with internship program members. "Bank of America is proud to be part of a program that is helping set more and more opportunities into motion for these young leaders and for the communities White Memorial serves. We are delighted to partner with the hospital to provide an innovative bridge between education, community service and workforce development. Whether the training enables them to find meaningful employment now or pursue a college degree and become a leader of tomorrow, the investment we have made is making a real difference now and will continue to pay dividends far into the future."

Since its inception six years ago, the Workforce Development and Volunteer Program has benefited more than 700 young adults. It has also created opportunities for the residents of East Los Angeles to learn more about jobs in the healthcare field and provided training for them to pursue health careers. AHWM actively recruits people from the surrounding areas. Click here for more information.

Wells Fargo


Wells Fargo Senior Vice President, Luanna Lindsey pictured with AHWM Workforce Volunteers organizing Wells Fargo's gifts to the Annual Holiday Toy Drive

Wells Fargo has long supported AHWM's efforts at combating diabetes. "Wells Fargo's support has been invaluable," said AHWM Vice President Sharon McCoy. "They make it possible for our hospital to conduct outreach and education programs among those with or at risk for diabetes."

Because diabetes is so common among the Latino population, it carries with a high incidence of associated chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure and kidney disease, AHWM has been the site of a number of national research programs, as well as efforts to develop more effective way to manage diabetes and other chronic diseases. Wells Fargo has recognized the need for more effective treatment and has committed regular philanthropic funding in support of the efforts.

Wells Fargo also continues to brighten the lives of children in the hospital. It regularly donates oversized, limited edition plush ponies modeled after horses that have pulled the Wells Fargo stagecoach in the Tournament of Roses Parade. The annual, limited edition pony, along with smaller individual stuffed ponies, are delivered by Wells Fargo to happy children in the Pediatrics unit in March every year.

White Memorial nurses also benefit from Wells Fargo's commitment to the hospital. Wells Fargo funds the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses at AHWM, which recognizes the super-human work nurses do every day. Nurses are nominated for the award by patients and family members. Those who win are recognized with, among other things, a beautiful hand-carved stone sculpture crafted in Africa by a member of the Shona Tribe of Zimbabwe. Wells Fargo's donation to the national DAISY Foundation allows this recognition of AHWM. In turn, the money sent to Zimbabwe reaches around the world to provide support for these gifted Shona artists and their families.

Thank you, Wells Fargo!

Union Bank

Partnering With White Memorial

Since 1997, diabetes has been the sixth leading cause of death in Los Angeles County, according to the county's Department of Public Health. Since that time, Union Bank has provided a steady stream of philanthropic investments in the work of White Memorial, including $50,000 in support of the East Los Angeles Center for Diabetes at White Memorial, which provides care, classes and counseling to help patients manage their diabetes successfully.

Over the years, Union Bank and its Foundation have supported the Cleft Palate Program, The Campaign for the New Patient Tower, the Diagnostic Imaging Center, the Annual Toy Drive and most recently, The Simulation Center Project. In total, Union Bank has committed more than $225,000 to White Memorial's efforts to serve the community.

The Union Bank Foundation proactively invests in the communities in which the bank and its businesses operate, targeting resources to benefit low-to-moderate incomes populations. As part of its 10-year community commitment, Union Bank has pledged 2 percent of its net profit annually to charitable contributions.

Thank you, Union Bank!

Bill De La Vina


Bill De La Vina during a visit and tour of the Cardiovascular Wing which bears his name.

Bill De La Vina has been a friend and major support of White Memorial for almost 8 years. He was named "Man of the Year" at the Annual Gala in 2006. That year, Bill and his company, Sigue corporation made a significant gift to the fund raising Campaign for the New White Memorial. That financial commitment, among the largest to the campaign, enabled the establishment of a new cardiovascular medicine program. In recognition of such special giving, White Memorial named the new Cardiovascular Wing in Bill's honor.

Since that time, Bill and Sigue have been constant supporters, attending and or sponsoring virtually every Annual Gala and every Golf Invitational. He has joined the effort to introduce new business people to White Memorial, hosting A Special Evening at Adventist Health White Memorial with business associates and personal friends joining for a private tour and dinner with hospital executives and members of the medical staff.

In 2012, Bill accepted the role of Co-Chairman of the White Memorial Centennial Fund Raising Campaign. True to form, Bill is leading by example: shortly before New Year, Bill and Sigue announced and gift to the Centennial Campaign in the amount of $100,000. Additionally, he pledged an effort to raised $150,000 from among his clients, customer and associates.

Bill is a committed and generous personal friend to Adventist Health White Memorial.

The Ahmanson Foundation


Hospital Governing Board member and former Chair of the Foundation Board, George A. Ramirez chats with William Ahmanson, President, The Ahmanson Foundation during a reception at White Memorial.

Since its establishment in 1952, The Ahmanson Foundation has played a critical role in the strengthening of nonprofit institutions in Southern California, especially in and around greater Los Angeles. Adventist Health White Memorial has been the beneficiary of The Ahmanson Foundation on a number of important occasions.

In 2005, they made a major gift to the campaign for a New White Memorial, enabling the construction of the Specialty Care Tower and helping to ensure that the hospital would remain a viable presence in East Los Angeles.

Four years later, The Ahmanson Foundation provided the lead gift for the construction of the Outpatient Pavilion, including the state-of-the-art L.A. Diagnostic Imaging Center and Ambulatory Surgery Center, bringing to White Memorial a level of technology more typically found at a university medical center.

Most recently, The Ahmanson Foundation provided a major grant and an additional "challenge" grant for the design and construction of a Simulation Center, as a training resource for the education of physicians, nurses, allied health personnel and other clinicians at AHWM. Ultimately, it will help to ensure greater patient safety.

Janelle Hail, founder of the National Breast Cancer Foundation


Janelle Hail, Founder and President of the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Janelle Hail founded the National Breast Cancer Foundation in 1991. From her personal experience as a breast cancer survivor, Janelle's vision for the National Breast Cancer Foundation was formed. Their mission is to save lives through early detection and to provide mammograms for those in need. They provide increased awareness through education, and provide diagnostic breast care services nurturing support services for those in need.

Today, Janelle serves as the CEO of National Breast Cancer Foundation, one of America's most highly recognized and respected breast cancer charities. To Janelle, nothing compares to the joy in life she receives when she hugs a woman whose life has been spared by a mammogram provided by the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation has been an active partner with Adventist Health White Memorial for more than nine years and has, over those years, contributed nearly $1.4 million to assist in breast cancer prevention, detection and screening programs. Steve Engle, former Director of Cancer Services at AHWM, sits on the Board of Directors of the NBCF, as does Gabriella Barbarena, also a member of the AHWM Board of Directors. The funds are used to provide free screening and diagnostic mammograms to under- and un-insured women in our East Los Angeles Community. According to AHWM Director of Cancer, Helen Mosley, "AHWM's partnership with Janelle and the NBCF is such a blessing. The wonderful year-after-year donations from NBCF allow AHWM to continuously offer struggling women in our community access to free breast care that they normally would have gone without."

The Lizárraga Family/TELACU


Priscilla and David Lizárraga

Born out of a deep desire to improve the lives of the people in the East Los Angeles community, David Lizárraga founded TELACU in 1968. Through David's hard work and vision, and with the active leadership of his wife Priscilla, TELACU has become the largest community development corporation in the country and is the 44th largest Hispanic business in the United States. AHWM worked with David to form a strategic partnership to create the Nursing Scholarship program. The scholarship program offers a multi-faceted approach combining financial, academic and other support to ensure that students succeed. Through this partnership, TELACU offers new career opportunities to those interested in the health care profession in the East Los Angeles community, who will in turn improve the East Los Angeles community through the delivery of better health care services.

In 2002, David agreed to serve as the AHWM Capital Campaign Chairman and led the efforts to raise $30 million in five years. The hospital was in need of major upgrades, but did not have the capital to support such a venture. He felt the people of the East Los Angeles community deserved quality, affordable health care at a state-of-the-art healthcare facility and zealously set about raising the necessary funds. David enlisted the support of the contacts he had made during his long tenure as a business leader in Los Angeles.

With David's leadership as Chair of the AHWM Capital Campaign and his very large personal leadership gift, AHWM exceeded its $30 million goal one year ahead of schedule in 2007, raising $30.1 million. This was the hospital's first capital campaign in its 95 year history. The money raised help to pay for the New White Memorial construction project, completed in 2010.

To recognize the Lizárraga family and TELACU for its leadership and generous support of the campaign, the hospital's new main lobby bears the Lizárraga Family/TELACU names.

Oscar De La Hoya


He is a boxing legend, an Olympic gold medalist, a successful boxing promoter, a leader in community development and champion for education. He is a husband and a father. He is Grammy -nominated singer and actor. At Adventist Health White Memorial, we know Oscar De La Hoya best as a generous philanthropist and friend to staff and patients alike.

His win at the Barcelona Olympic Games was inspired by his mother's battle against cancer, much of which took place here at Adventist Health White Memorial. While she lost her battle, Oscar went on to numerous victories in the ring and became White Memorial's partner in the battle to constantly improve and expand the care we provide people in need.

In 2000, Oscar was awarded "Man of the Year" at the Foundation's Annual Gala. Throughout the Campaign for a New AHWM, he was a frequent spokesman at meetings and events, encouraging the audience to get behind the medical center. He became known as a strong public advocate for the medical center. He and his wife, Millie, have hosted receptions in their home on behalf of Adventist Health White Memorial and he is a regular visitor to the hospital, engaging patients and staff members alike with a genuine smile and a warm handshake.

His generous support and active participation in encouraging others to support White's efforts are recognized throughout the campus. Our Cancer Center is named in memory of his mother, Cecilia Gonzalez De La Hoya and her valiant battle. The medical center's Birthing Center and Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) both bear his name.

Earlier this year, he agreed to serve as Honorary Chairman of the Adventist Health White Memorial Centennial Fund Raising Campaign.​​​​