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Leave Management

You have options and support

Adventist Health Integrated Absence Management serves as a central source of information. We answer your questions, explain leave laws and regulations, and determine eligibility. Our team works closely with your manager and human performance partners to provide an integrated and coordinated approach to your needs for a leave of absence.

How to Request a Leave or Report an Absence

The Adventist Health Integrated Absence Management's goal is to provide the best tools and resources available for our associates’ leave experience. To make reporting a leave and requesting accommodations and absences more convenient, the following reporting methods will be available:

  1. Portal or Smartphone: Enter requests directly to IAM's portal at
  2. Phone: Using IAM's interactive voice response system by calling: (844) 289-8618 Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. This system allows you to report intermittent absences with your voice responses without having to wait to speak to a person.

Leave Management Services

  • Expert guidance
    The leave management process is complex. Our team of experts provides one-on-one guidance to help you with your request and circumstances.
  • Consistency and fairness
    Leave requests are processed uniformly, timely and in accordance with state and federal leave laws and regulations.
  • Quick, accurate answers
    You have questions - How do I apply for a leave? Do I qualify? How long can I be on leave? Will my benefits continue? Will I be able to keep my job? Can I take a leave to care for a family member? How will I be paid? Please call us at (844) 289-8618 for assistance, we are here to help with answers related to your leave questions.
  • Compassionate support
    Whether planned or unexpected, a leave of absence can be overwhelming. We’re here to assist and support you.

Types of Leave


  • Absence due to your own serious health condition
  • Pregnancy disability
  • Worker's compensation


  • Caring for a qualified family member with a serious health condition
  • Bonding with your child during the first year of birth
  • Placement or adoption

Military duty

  • Serve in the uniformed services
  • Military training
  • Exigency reasons

If you don't see a leave that applies to your specific needs, please contact your local Human Resources representative to discuss if other options are available.

To update benefits while on leave, visit

Contact Us / Submit Your Documents

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Phone: (844) 289-8618

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SPANISH (español): Para obtener asistencia en español, llame al (844) 289-8618.