Simi Valley

Patient Letters

Happy Hearts Sharing Praise

Here's what patients are saying about Adventist Health Simi Valley.

A Letter to the Adventist Health Simi Valley Emergency Department

"My husband and I would like to thank all the ER staff. Just recently we had to bring our daughter in for emergency surgery. As it turns out, she was near death. Your staff took such great care of us. They had her checked out, an ultrasound taken and up in surgery within one hour. If your staff had not moved so fast, we could have lost our daughter. Their dedication and care to their patients is great. They treat the patients as if they are their own family. And, still to this day, they ask: 'How is your girl?' Our love goes to all that work in your ER."

-Richard and Yvonne Breed

A Letter to the Adventist Health Simi Valley Rehab Clinic

"I want to say thanks to everyone on your staff for all the hard work and wonderful personalities they have given to my care for so long. They are experts in the jobs they perform. Even though I will stop by every so often to say hello, I will surely miss you all."

-Stephen Pritikin, Simi Valley

A Letter to the Child Development Center

"I wanted to thank you for your support and guidance with our son. The Friday speech class was instrumental in helping him communicate and socialize with other children and adults. It was one of the best-run programs I have attended.

"I find it important to share with you my admiration for your work at the center. You have a gentle, magical way with the children. The environment and structure you provide is so well thought out, from the non-controlling, non-threatening greeting ("It's time to start our day") to the flexibility in circle time, the appropriate physical and social activities and the oral motor skill building snack. My mother-in-law also has shared with me how she marvels at your talents for bringing out the best in a special needs child."

-Lynne Henderson, Thousand Oaks