requirements for weight loss surgery

After Weight-loss Surgery

It is important to remember that weight loss surgery is a tool that helps you lose weight and that permanent lifestyle changes are required for results. The smaller stomach produced by weight-loss surgery directly affects all future eating habits.

Eating properly

Small, frequent meals are now required for the body to get nutrients. Often, learning to eat small portions at various times throughout the day can be a challenge.

Malnutrition is a serious risk that occurs easily. To avoid it one must take deliberate steps in order to be sure they are receiving the vitamins and nutrients the body needs each day.

Establishing healthy habits

Nutrition becomes even more important to a person who has undergone weight-loss surgery. Working with a dietitian will help with this lifestyle change.

Exercising after weight-loss surgery is very important to maintain weight loss. While exercise is often easier to do after substantial weight loss, it is often something many patients are not accustomed to doing, which creates the need for significant lifestyle change.