Medical Weight-Loss

We offer non-surgical weight-loss solutions

Obesity is a complex, chronic disease that affects nearly one out of every three American adults, or about 60 million people, according to the American Obesity Association.

Factor in weight-related illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, liver disease, and arthritis, and obesity becomes an even more alarming national health issue, accounting for some 300,000 preventable deaths each year.

Locally, statistics from the Hawaii Department of Health indicate that in Windward O‘ahu alone, more than 10,000 adults are obese or morbidly obese — a disproportionately large number compared with other parts of the state. And this number is growing by about 2 percent, or 200 people, annually.

Customized approach with you in mind

We are here to provide a comprehensive set of services individualized to fit your needs. Our team will provide the most up-to-date and medically tried-and-proven interventions such as lifestyle coaching, dietary education, exercise regimens, FDA approved weight loss medications, and surgical options.

People with obesity and overweight individuals with health conditions related to weight are considered candidates for prescription medications and surgical interventions.

The team consists of skilled professionals who are all involved in assessing your health issues and developing an individual weight management plan. Your team includes:

  • Board-Certified physician
  • A registered dietitian
  • Nurse Coordinator
  • Support Group


FDA guidelines recommend that weight-loss medicines may be considered for people who have tried lifestyle changes and meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • BMI equal or greater than 30
  • BMI equal or greater than 27 with one or more obesity-related conditions (like high blood pressure or diabetes)
  • Have not lost at least 5% of their total body weight in three to six months with lifestyle changes alone

Meet Steven Fowler, our weight loss expert

Steven Fowler, MD, is the medical director of the Adventist Health Castle HAWAII clinic (Hawaii’s Advanced Weight-loss and Integrate Interventions Clinic).

For more information or to schedule your initial appointment, please call the HAWAII clinic
at (808) 263-5176.