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Postpartum Support

Rooming in

At Adventist Health Castle, we know all moms and babies need each other. Accordingly, our birthing suites are designed for all four stages of your hospital stay: labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum. To encourage skin-to-skin bonding and breastfeeding, we practice “rooming in.” This means that, as long as your baby is stable, they will remain in the room with you until you leave the hospital.

Besides the rooms in the Birth Center, additional rooms are located in our mother/baby unit on the hospital’s second floor, and families may be transferred to one of these rooms after their recovery. These postpartum rooms feature supplementary security, refrigerators and extra beds for your support person. Of course, moms and babies will continue to be cared for by our expert and supportive Birth Center staff.


At Adventist Health Castle, we are devoted to our community and to our families. We practice family-friendly care at the Birth Center and encourage the support of your ‘Ohana.

We like to reinforce good hand-washing by your visitors, and please screen your visitors to ensure they have no signs of illness.

Visiting hours are from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. For the safety and comfort of all of our patients, children are not allowed to remain in the hospital past 8 p.m. Only one other adult is allowed to remain overnight in each postpartum room.

Discharge and follow-up care

The length of your hospital stay can depend on the type of delivery you have. After a vaginal delivery, most stays extend 24 to 48 hours. After a Cesarean delivery, staying 48 to 72 hours is typical.

Before you leave, a nurse will go over your discharge and discuss many topics you’ll need to be familiar with when you get back home.

You will also receive written discharge instructions along with details for making follow-up appointments for you and your baby. Most babies are seen within 48 to 72 hours of discharge, and most mothers will need to follow up with their obstetric providers within six weeks.

Please click on the link to view a copy of Adventist Health Castle’s discharge information (using Adobe’s Acrobat Reader), discharge patient journey checklist, including sections titled “Important Warning Signs” and “How to care for yourself and your newborn.”

Hospital wide discharge time is 11 a.m., so we prefer to discharge patients by that time whenever possible. Please note, you will need to have a car seat for your baby before you leave the hospital.