Family Birthing Center

Compassionate care for mother and child

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At the Family Birthing Center in Marysville, California, expectant mothers and babies will receive personalized care at our beautiful, bright and spacious private labor/delivery and recovery suites. Our beautiful center is designed to maximize comfort and safety of moms and babies — and the convenience and comfort of family members. Call (530) 751-4165 for more information about our Family Birthing Center.

The Family Birthing Center features:

  • Private labor and delivery rooms with plenty of space for a partner and family in a comfortable sun-filled setting
  • Sleeping accommodations so your partner can stay at your side
  • State-of-the-art technology and advanced surgical suites for cesarean births
  • Round the clock access to dedicated obstetricians, pediatricians, trained and experienced nurses and other health care staff
  • The Well-Baby Nursery
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for premature and ill newborns. The NICU cares for premature and ill newborns and offers a private waiting room and accommodations at the bedside for family.

Your care includes “rooming-in” or couplet care. Your baby stays in the room with you, which facilitates family bonding, allowing parents and baby to get to know each other

Features and amenities include:

  • Newborn and self-care education from compassionate and experienced nurses
  • Free wireless Internet
  • Large television monitors and cable television
  • A sophisticated infant security system

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