family birthing center

Labor and Delivery

Fifth Floor – Labor & Delivery

During labor mothers will be accommodated in a beautiful private suite designed for maximum comfort for her and her family members. All suites offer comfortable seating for guests, a private restroom and a convertible couch for overnight stays, large windows with views and abundance natural light, plus a dedicated family area. The fifth floor offers twelve Labor & Delivery Rooms, Two C-Section Rooms, Ante Partum Testing Unit and Triage.

Fourth Floor – Following Delivery

Following delivery, mothers and babies will enjoy private suites until they are ready to go home. Each suite has its own private bathroom and shower and is large enough to accommodate a bassinet as ell as family members.

The fourth floor offers twenty-six private Mother Baby rooms designed for rooming in with your baby. A Well Baby Nursery and a six bed Neonatal ICU designed to treat our tiniest patients.

Cesarean Birth

Birthing Center Surgery Suite:

There are many reasons why the decision may be made to perform a cesarean section. Sometimes, the cesarean is planned in advance because of an existing medical condition. Other times, a cesarean section is performed after labor fails to progress and there is some concern about the health of the baby or mother.

Spinal Anesthesia is preferred over “going to sleep” during a cesarean section. It will allow women to remain comfortable during the procedure. Husbands or one support person are invited to be present in the cesarean section room, only if spinal or epidural anesthesia is used.