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Your experience matters

We believe that providing our patients with information and resources can create a better treatment experience, help prevent complications and speed up the healing process. Adventist Health and Rideout’s cancer experts have cultivated resources to answer your questions and provide guidance about your procedures and care team.

Support and guidance for every patient

A cancer diagnosis can feel overwhelming. You need a partner by your side every step of the way.

It’s our honor to serve as that partner by offering the resources and education you need. We’re here to demystify the cancer care process and bring you hope in a challenging time.

Oncology nurse navigator

A diagnosis of cancer is the beginning of a new journey and our Oncology Nurse Navigator is here to be your advocate and make sure that you understand all of your options, you are connected with the right specialists, and you and your family receive all the support you need. Our Oncology Nurse Navigator has a deep understanding of the health care system and is ready to provide you with education and support to assist you on your journey.

The care team involved in your treatment plan can be extensive and may include your primary care provider, medical oncologist, hematologist, radiation oncologist, pathologist, radiologist, surgeon, chemotherapy nurse, dietitian, pharmacist, social worker, chaplain, and many others who contribute to your care. Your Oncology Nurse Navigator will work as your liaison, ensuring strong communication across your care team so that each facet of your treatment plan is well-coordinated and is in line with your goals and preferences.

Your Oncology Nurse Navigator will help you coordinate any services that are applicable to your treatment plan and physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Support Services

Coping with emotional needs is a very important component of cancer treatment. Adventist Health and Rideout has a dedicated social worker who can address and provide emotional support to patients and family members undergoing cancer treatment. In addition to treatment-based social workers, support groups are available for current and former cancer patients. A few of the psychosocial and supportive services we offer include:

  • Advanced care planning
  • Caregiver and family counseling
  • Fertility counseling
  • Palliative care
  • Pastoral care

All Cancer Support Group

Learn more about our support groups through your care navigator.

Individual and family counseling Individual and/or family counseling services are available for our current cancer patients and to our cancer survivors. Provided by a licensed clinical social worker. Please call (530) 749-4400 for more information.

Alternative therapies and special services

A multidisciplinary team meets regularly to review the physical, mental and spiritual needs of each of our patients. We partner with many local providers to offer services and therapies we have found to be beneficial.

Patient & Family Advisory Program

Adventist Health and Rideout along with the Cancer Center established the Patient & Advisory Program in 2014 as an initiative to engage patients and families as partners with their health care providers. Including patients in the design and implementation of initiatives to improve patient care has given new meaning to patient-centered care. Learn more.

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