child development center

Pediatric Therapies

At the Child Development Center, you will find some of the most experienced and dedicated clinical specialists in the nation. Our compassionate and expert therapy specialist possess advanced knowledge and certifications in the field of pediatrics.

Certifications and expertise include:

  • NeuroDevelopmental Treatment (NDT Certification)
  • Therapeutic listening
  • Sensory Integration Praxis Test (SIPT certification)
  • FastForward certification
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) expertise
  • Hanen certification
  • Certified infant massage therapy
  • Advance practice in oral-motor/feeding.

We administer comprehensive assessments and evaluations from birth through young adulthood in all therapeutic areas.

Speech-Language Therapy


Speech-language pathologists play an integral role in supporting a child’s development of functional communication skills. Our speech-language pathologists are skilled in addressing various communication needs presented in children. Communication concerns are vast and may include understanding and expressing language as well as its appropriate social use, articulation, voice, stuttering and fluency. As children improve their communication skills, they will experience the joy of self-expression and being independent.

Occupational Therapy


Our occupational therapists help children gain independence and promote development of skills that children need for their many “jobs,” including play, self-care (dressing, feeding, grooming, cooking) and interacting with others. They work with families to develop individualized goals that assist children to be more functional in their home, school, play and community environments. Occupational therapists often use a sensory-based approach to identify challenges related to the way a child processes and responds to sensory information. They collaborate with families to develop strategies to help the child successfully cope with their sensory differences so they can interact in their world with more ease and enjoyment.

Physical Therapy


Physical therapists help to develop strength, improve range of motion and motor planning skills to promote successful participation within a child’s natural environment. They aid children in hitting milestones such as rolling, sitting and walking. In addition, physical therapists work on higher level skills like running, throwing, catching and bicycling. Physical therapists also play an integral role in the recovery from an injury. The development of motor skills in children promotes social interaction, teamwork and the ability to better explore their world through mobility.