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Adventist Health Tillamook Ambulance, a department of Adventist Health Tillamook, provides advanced life support (ALS) emergency medical services and transport through four stations located strategically throughout Tillamook County.

Each of the four stations is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Adventist Health Tillamook Ambulance vehicles are equipped with:

  • Radios fully compatible with Tillamook County's emergency communications system.
  • Much of the same equipment found in hospital intensive care units.
  • Emergency medication.

How Adventist Health Tillamook Ambulance works

Tillamook County 9-1-1 dispatches the nearest ambulance to emergency medical calls. Upon responding to an emergency medical call, the Adventist Health Tillamook Ambulance crew assesses the medical condition of each patient and immediately begins the emergency medical care indicated. Patients are transported to the nearest appropriate medical center or to the medical center of their choice, as their medical condition allows.

Join TEAM today!

Adventist Health Tillamook Ambulance also offers TEAM, a membership program that eliminates out-of-pocket costs after insurance has paid for a medically necessary ambulance service for those in Tillamook County. For those without medical insurance, TEAM membership will apply to 20 percent of a medically necessary ambulance service and the guarantor is responsible for the remaining 80 percent.