wound care

Wound Care Certified RN

Outpatient therapy services at Adventist Health Tillamook has a full-time nurse certified in wound care who is available to provide care for patients with any type of wound. Sara Koberstein, RN, WCC, is certified through the Wound Care Education Institute and is qualified to perform comprehensive wound assessments and develop treatment plans for all wounds, including stoma and ostomy care.

What is wound care?

Wounds occur when the skin is broken or damaged. Superficial wounds may be cared for at home. Deeper wounds, wounds that have become infected and wounds in persons with diseases such as diabetes usually require professional medical treatment.

Certified to assess and care for all types of wounds, Sara finds long-term diabetic ulcers usually found on legs or feet to be the hardest — as well as the most rewarding — type of wounds to treat and heal. She says, "I love caring for patients and using my skills to help heal wounds they have had for months or even years."

To schedule a wound care consultation, patients should ask their healthcare provider to fax an order requesting a "wound care consult" to outpatient therapy services at (503) 815-7510. During the appointment, Sara will perform a detailed exam of the patient and formulate a treatment plan in consultation with the patient and their healthcare provider.