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Prenatal and postnatal care services in Clearlake

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​At Adventist Health Clear Lake, we take special care of our new moms, their precious babies and the families ready to welcome them into the world! From prenatal services and education classes through delivery and continued women’s and pediatric care, we’re here to provide quality care that helps your family grow and flourish.

We help moms plan for delivery

When you’re pregnant, you’ll inevitably start thinking about what the big day will be like. This naturally comes with a mixture of excitement and concern. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve done this several times before, labor can be an intimidating experience.

Our team is here to help you feel prepared for the big day. We help you as an expectant mom figure out what you want from your delivery and assist you as much as possible to align your birthing experience with what you’ve envisioned.

Adventist Health Clear Lake can help you create your ideal birth experience:

Whether you are already pregnant or just thinking about having a child, our team can help you prepare for the big day. Call us today at (707) 995-5875.