live well program

The Live Well Team

A wellness team ready to help

Our team of specialty providers, educators and coaches are ready to help you achieve your health goals. We want to help you improve your quality of life, not just treat your condition. You may see several practitioners or just one. We have a whole team of healthcare advocates ready to help you.

Health coach

The Live Well health coach provides a personalized assessment of your movement and supervised exercise visits. Consider the health coach your own personal trainer.

Nutritional counseling

You may meet with a registered dietician who can help you make sure your diet is helping, not hurting, your progress to your health goals.

Diabetic education

Diabetes is a chronic condition that can be hugely impacted by lifestyle. Your certified diabetes educator will help you learn how to take care of yourself and guide you through your treatment.

Chiropractic treatment

Treatment from a chiropractor can provide relief from back pain, headaches, arthritis and more. The Live Well chiropractor is available to help you live with less pain and more movement.

Sleep assessment

Because rest is one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle, diagnosing and treating a sleep disorder can drastically improve your quality of life.

Quality of Life

You are a multidimensional individual, and your mental, emotional and social wellbeing all affect your health and happiness. A licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) will determine if you would benefit from additional support or counseling.

Counseling & Psychiatry

Live Well is staffed with psychiatrists, psychologists and licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) to provide support and treatment for depression, anxiety and other mood disorders.

Care management

A care manager helps coordinate your appointments and referral services with other organizations if you need them.

Addiction medicine (detox)

Melody Law, MD, is an addiction specialist who works with patients to successfully kick addiction habits and enjoy life more fully.

Orthotic evaluation

A special brace, insole or other support can make a big difference in movement and comfort. The Live Well certified prosthetist/orthotist (CPO) will decide if this is a solution for you.

Pain management

With appropriate treatment and an integrated approach, those suffering from chronic pain can live better. Pari Azari, MD, is a board-certified specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation and works closely with patients to progress toward a pain-free life.

Support groups

Learning more and connecting with others fosters healing and relieves stress. Our support groups provide community and education on a variety of topics, from insomnia to diabetes.