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Helping your family grow

When you are preparing to welcome a new member of the family into your life, you deserve help from a physician knowledgeable about the challenges that come with pregnancy. Obstetricians are trained in prenatal care and know how to guide women through every stage of their pregnancy.

At Adventist Health Clear Lake, we offer routine gynecological services in a calming atmosphere in Clear Lake, Hidden Valley Lake, Middletown and Kelseyville. As experts in obstetrics and gynecology care, we offer expert information and treatments to meet your unique health care needs.

Obstetricians will be an important part of your care team during pregnancy

Most women schedule their first appointment with an obstetrician eight weeks into their pregnancy. We suggest that women who are interested in becoming pregnant begin researching local obstetricians and then make their first appointment as soon as they know they are pregnant.

Obstetricians help you make important decisions about your pregnancy, such as:

  • Whether or not you should have a natural birth
  • What pain medications you feel comfortable taking
  • What will you need to do to prepare for labor and delivery
  • How often you should schedule doctor visits during pregnancy
  • What kind of activities are safe for you and your baby
  • What kind of postnatal care you will need

Your obstetrician will most likely be with you during your delivery. They are trained to perform both cesarean and vaginal deliveries. They can also perform several procedures that may be needed before, during or after delivery, including dilation and curettage, circumcision, and cervical cerclage.

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As one of the region’s highly regarded centers for women’s services, our team offers personalized care by board certified physicians and highly skilled nurse practitioners.

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