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Bright Start and Childbirth Education

From the start, we have your baby’s future in mind. We offer prenatal care and education to help you begin your experience as a parent healthy and confident.

Bright Start

Along with obstetrical care, the Bright Start Program provides education and support to eligible women. Bright Start aims to improve the outcome of every pregnancy and to give every baby a healthy start in life.

  • Free pregnancy and postpartum education
  • Counseling and support
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Case management services

Childbirth Education Classes

Through our Childbirth Education classes you’ll be more prepared to deliver your baby! Join our childbirth educators and other expecting parents to learn about labor and postpartum care, discuss options for managing labor and feel at ease as you approach your birthing experience. These classes begin throughout the year and run for four weeks.

Learn more about the Bright Start program by calling 707-995-4537.