therapy services

Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation

We want to get you up and active again as fast as possible

We focus on early injury treatment for advanced sports and industrial athletes to facilitate quick return to work and play.

Biomechanical evaluation

Full body assessment helps us to determine the source of injury or body breakdown. This may include the use of orthotic shoe inserts for persistent problems.

Back and neck therapy

Back and neck therapy relieves spinal pain, strengthens core muscles and includes posture training to prevent recurrent injuries.

Custom orthotics and splinting

Custom orthotics and splinting reduce tissue stress, improve healing, and prevent progressive wear and tear on weight-bearing joints and upper extremity joints.

Hand therapy

Hand therapy provides specialized exercises and splinting after injury or surgery to help regain hand function.

Ergonomics/industrial rehabilitation

We assess work sites, equipment, techniques and posture to improve comfort and productivity on the job. No physician referral is required for some services.

Manual and deep-tissue therapy

This therapy releases and lengthens tight or scarred-down muscles and related connective tissues, thereby reducing stress and discomfort while improving function.