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Patient Stories

Terri Fouch

Simi Valley, CA


"I want to express my deepest appreciation to the staff of Adventist Health Simi Valley. First by acknowledging Kathryn Harada, the Orthopedic Service Line manager. Kathryn was the best part of the Adventist Health Simi Valley experience. Not only does she instruct the patient education class, but her attention to the details of your care during and after your surgical procedure is quite impressive. There wasn't a thing that she could or would not do for you that was in her ability. Kathryn is truly a blessing to the hospital and was my angel.

Kathryn, alongside staff members of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and anesthesiology, presented vital aspects in regard to the medical procedures to be performed prior to and during my stay at the hospital. Each individual was informative and responsive to any and all of our questions. The patient education class was inspiring and absolutely prepared me for my knee replacement surgery. It is my opinion, that patient information is crucial in our recovery.

During my stay at the hospital, I was afforded the best of care by the nursing staff, physicians, and therapists. The hospital staff is very caring and loving, communication was effortless, and I was made incredibly comfortable. As explained in the patient education class, the physical therapist was at my side after surgery, during my stay, and prepared me for at-home therapy. The occupational therapist was also there to help with any necessities I may require when returning home.

I am very pleased with my knee replacement surgery at Adventist Health Simi Valley. I would recommend them, not only for joint replacement surgeries but for all your medical needs. The staff at Adventist Health Simi Valley are a blessing and I thank God for them and their services."

Janet Kleinbach

Simi Valley, CA


"On February 6th of this year, I became the recipient of a right total knee replacement thanks to Dr. Daniel Davis of Ventura Orthopedics. I have been in pain and limping for many years now due to osteoarthritis and power walking. It got to a point that I couldn't even walk my dogs. I had no cartilage in my knee and it was bone-on-bone.

So, I finally decided to have surgery to get this taken care of and get back to living.

I am also a staff nurse here at Adventist Health Simi Valley on the 3rd floor. My area is Women's/ Children Services, but our floor has evolved from Postpartum, Gyn surgeries, and pediatrics to include now, Med-Surg [patients], including men and orthopedics. We have been trained to care for total knee and hip replacements, shoulder and spine surgeries.

So I got a taste of my own medicine. I was now the patient! My staff took excellent care of me, my pain was managed well, and I started PT/OT therapy. Recovery hasn't been easy. Pain, sleepless nights, icing my knee, and PT have been what I have been dealing with the last few months. Learning to walk correctly without limping has been most of my therapy. I can now walk a few blocks with my dog without pain.

I'm now on the other side and back to work. There is a different pain, a healing pain to deal with now. The surgery and treatment is so different than many years ago. Now one gets an epidural and conscious sedation instead of general anesthesia, then the person returns to their room on a gurney and immediately walks from the gurney to their bed with a walker. PT starts that day as well.

So thank you, Dr. Davis, Nick (PA) and all his staff at Ventura Orthopedics, and to David and his PT also at [Ventura Orthopedics]. You are all great! To my nursing staff on 3N - I thank you for the excellent care, pain management, and total support.

You all Rock!!"

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