orthopedic conditions

General Orthopedic Conditions

Arthritis Inflammation of the joint causing redness, heat, swelling and pain.
Arthroscopy Minimally invasive joint surgery.
Cast Care Learn the proper way to take care of your cast after suffering an injury.
Cumulative Trauma Disorders A group of diseases affecting the soft tissues of the body.
Fibromyalgia A syndrome causing widespread pain and fatigue throughout the body.
Gout A disease that causes the build-up of uric acid in the body.
Joint Injections for Arthritis An injection of medication directly into the affected joint.
Lyme Disease An inflammatory disease caused by tick bites.
Medications for Arthritis A guide to prescription and over-the-counter medications for arthritis.
Muscle Cramps Caused when muscle fibers contract on their own.
Nutraceuticals Dietary supplements.
Nutrition and Surgery Help your body heal well after surgery by choosing the most nutritious diet.
Osteoarthritis Wearing away of the cushioning cartilage between joints.
Osteoporosis A disease in which the bones begin losing their minerals and support beams, leaving the skeleton brittle and prone to fractures.
Platelet-Rich Plasma A medical treatment being used for a wide range of musculoskeletal problems.
Postsurgical Infection How to help prevent an infection after a surgical procedure.
Psoriatic Arthritis A type of joint disease that occurs in roughly people who have psoriasis (skin disease).
Rehabilitation for Arthritis A rehabilitation program can help you maintain and even improve your joints' strength and mobility.
Rheumatoid Arthritis A disease in which the immune system mostly attacks tissues in the joints,
Septic Arthritis An infection inside a joint that is caused by bacteria.
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus An autoimmune disease of the body's connective tissues.
Tendonitis Inflammation of a tendon caused by injury.
Viral Arthritis Some viruses cause joint pain and inflammation (swelling, redness, and heat).