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Shoulder Surgery

Advanced surgical options to improve shoulder function

With degenerative shoulder conditions, the smooth surfaces of the joint wear off, causing pain and loss of stability and motion.

The orthopedic physicians at Adventist Health Glendale can replace the area with new, smooth surfaces without altering the normally functioning muscles and ligaments. This allows for a more normal range of motion and increased stability after surgery.

Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty

When you have both a degenerative joint and loss of ligament stability, a routine total joint replacement will relieve pain but will not allow normal motion.

At Adventist Health Glendale, our orthopedic physicians offer patients a reverse total shoulder arthroplasty. With this procedure, the ball portion of the joint is fixed to the shoulder blade, and the cup is attached to the upper arm. By doing this, the cup captures the ball in a way that normal total shoulder arthroplasty can't. That means not only do you have relief of pain, you also regain motion.

Patients who are candidates for this procedure are usually age 60 or older and have both an unrepairable rotator cuff tear and advanced degenerative joint disease of the shoulder. Their pain and limitation of function are also severe.

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