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Breast Care

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The Breast Center at Adventist Health Glendale has created a technologically advanced medical facility in a compassionate, warm environment where women can feel comfortable and cared for.

Breast Center services

The Breast Center provides technology and services to meet all your screening and surgical needs, including:

  • Mammography: Following the guidelines of the American Cancer Society, Adventist Health Glendale recommends that you have your first (also known as baseline) mammogram between the ages of 35 and 40. After age 40, you should have a mammogram each year.
  • Stereotactic biopsy: This procedure uses mammography to pinpoint the area of the breast that needs to be removed for testing.
  • Breast MRI/ultrasound: MRI and ultrasound can help detect cancer in women with dense breasts.
  • Breast reconstruction: Adventist Health Glendale offers a new approach to mastectomy and reconstruction that results in a more natural-looking breast.

In addition to your yearly mammogram, it is important for you to perform monthly breast self-exams and have yearly breast exams performed by your primary care physician. While mammogram and ultrasound detect about 90 percent of breast cancers, 10 percent cannot be seen on a mammogram or on an ultrasound. These are best detected by physical examination.

When performing a breast self-exam, you should check for the presence of new lumps under the skin. It is not unusual for the breast to have some lumps and bumps, so it is new lumps that should be of concern. If you discover a new lump, you should make an appointment immediately to see your primary care physician.

To schedule a mammogram, call (818) 409-8192.