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Patient Testimonials

From Our Cancer Care Clinic



"I had to get a scan early on in Stockton and the entire process took 6 hours, when I started coming to Lodi, I was parked, treated, and back in my car in less than 30 minutes most days.” The team, techs and Dr. McLoughlin were all professional and caring. Ken said while fighting tears, “I knew this could kill me, I knew this could be the end of my life...I am thankful for this team, their compassion, that we could fight it together. I am thankful for Adventist Health to have the foresight to build a cancer clinic, from the technology to the convenience, to the team they have put in place."

Ken was diagnosed in September of 2021. He had skin cancer in the past, but this one was not spreading like normal — it was headed into his body. As a Lodi resident and a donor that helped build the Adventist Health Physicians Network Cancer Care clinic, Ken knew of the facility but never thought he would become a patient. That all changed once diagnosed, and he quickly started daily treatment in Lodi. He quickly became thankful for our facility located right here in town. Ken has been cancer free since October 2021 and is thankful to continue doing what he loves, from racing cars to golfing with friends.


"I highly recommend this facility; the techs, front office staff, nurses and oncologist, all were great. If you came into the clinic uneasy, they would put you at ease. The team is caring, knowledgeable and for what it was a great experience. God, through radiation, healed me. I am thankful to still be here. That place is really something special."

Lester moved to the foothills around Lodi a few years back. He knew he needed a urologist and was able to start seeing Dr. Khourdaji, a urologist at Adventist Health Lodi Memorial. He was originally diagnosed with prostate cancer 18 years ago, so when Dr. Khourdaji said some numbers looked concerning, he knew where this could be headed. He was referred to the Adventist Health Physicians Network Cancer Care clinic for additional testing. It was confirmed that prostate cancer had returned. His treatment started the same week on a daily cadence for 39 days, Monday-Friday. Lester said when you are in there every day, you get to know the team.



"I was shocked, felt numb, and thought is this it? “It is a very overwhelming diagnosis, but the team gets you through it one day at a time."

Lisa was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in January 2021. After the diagnosis settled in, she knew she was going to fight it with the love and support from family and friends. Lisa did her research by talking with her future daughter-in-law, Leslie Suen, a Doctor at UCSF. She arranged appointments to visit Dr. Rugo and visit the facility. Knowing the facility would do an excellent job, Lisa and Kirk also took the time to get opinions from Dr. AJ, Oncologist at Stockton Hematology, Dr. Nedopil, General Surgeon, and Dr. McCloughlin ,Radiation Oncologist at Adventist Health Lodi Memorial. After much thought, Lisa and Kirk decided the expertise for her cancer journey was with the team in Lodi. Lisa was so thankful she could receive treatment in Lodi with the support of her devoted husband, Kirk, her children, Jarrett, Leslie, Lauren and Dylan, along with many other family members and friends who would check on her progress daily. With having chemo, surgery and radiation, Lisa found the whole team of doctors, nurses, and technicians very caring and supportive. She called Dr. Nedopil “my guardian angel.” Lisa has been cancer free since September 2021. She is looking forward to new adventures with her baby granddaughter, Nixx, family, friends, and most of all, the love of her life, Kirk.



"I felt shocked, my mother and grandmother had it, now me. Everyone told me to go to UCSF but after I met Dr. Nedopil in Lodi, I felt safe."

Phyliss was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2021. Dr. Nedopil, a general surgeon at Adventist Health Lodi Memorial, and her Oncology RN gave her the personal touch she needed. Having been an Adventist Health care patient for a few years, she knew the right team was around her, from her primary care provider to our on-site oncologist. “One day, I came in for treatment and just started crying. Dr. McLoughlin and Stephanie, the RN Navigator, sat with me to listen and calm me down. I am thankful for that, for them caring for me.” Through the entire process she grew, meeting friends who were also battling cancer and becoming stronger. When she became cancer free the doctor looked at her and said, “Go live your life!” Phyliss reflected on that comment, “It’s a powerful phrase to say to someone who is now cancer free, and I have done it, I enjoy life more and am thankful for that team that helped me be here today.”

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