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If you need a general surgery procedure, it’s natural to have questions. Experts at Adventist Health want you to feel informed, confident and supported, which is why we make it easy to access answers to common questions.

You can also learn more by learning what to expect.

Why receive general surgery at Adventist Health?

At Adventist Health, you have access to care for a broad range of conditions close to home. Our surgeons use leading care methods and have a history of excellent results. Our personalized approach helps patients consistently achieve their care goals. Find out more about the conditions general surgeons treat.

How do I find a surgeon near me?

Our general surgeons are available in communities throughout California, Oregon and Hawaii. Find a doctor.

What should I expect when I meet with a surgeon?

Your first visit involves getting to know your health history and medical needs. Surgeons review your medical records and may request additional testing before making care recommendations. Some patients are eligible for virtual visits and discuss their care from home through a secure connection.

How can I be sure I need surgery?

General surgeons consider your health history and care preferences in determining whether surgery is right for you. Some conditions may benefit from watchful waiting. Ongoing testing helps us detect changes that may signal the need for surgery.

Will my procedure be minimally invasive?

Adventist Health general surgeons use minimally invasive techniques like laparoscopic and robotic surgery whenever possible. These methods use smaller incisions and help you to recover quickly.

How soon can I go home?

The length of your hospital stay depends on your overall health and type of procedure you’re having. We use enhanced recovery methods to help many patients go home the day of surgery. Learn more about same-day surgery and early discharge.

I had surgery somewhere else, and there was a complication. Can Adventist Health help me?

Our highly skilled general surgeons regularly care for patients with complications from prior surgeries. We perform a detailed evaluation to pinpoint the issue and perform revision surgery to help you get relief.

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