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Don’t let heart disease keep you from more heart-to-hearts

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You want to put your heart into the things that matter most, like time with family, serving your community or learning new things that bring you joy. That’s why knowing your heart disease risk and making heart-healthy lifestyle choices is so important.

A healthy heart starts with understanding your cholesterol, blood pressure and hemoglobin A1c numbers. These simple tests can help you and your healthcare provider make the best plan to keep your heart in rhythm for years to come. You can also do simple things to help keep your heart beating at its best. Explore the resources below to learn more about all the ways you can give your heart what it deserves.

Know your numbers: Blood pressure

Each time you visit the doctor, you get your blood pressure taken. It’s important to know what your blood pressure numbers mean and why they matter.

A woman's heart

For many years, people thought that heart disease and heart attacks were men’s problems. Today, we know that heart disease is the top killer of women, responsible for more deaths than all cancers combined. Take a moment to learn about a woman’s unique risk of heart disease and symptoms that might point to trouble.

Start with prevention

There are many treatment options for high blood pressure. But preventing these conditions is even easier—and can pay off over your lifetime. Explore simple ways to maintain healthy blood pressure.

How’s your rhythm?

You could have an irregular heartbeat and not know it – but that doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. If you experience chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, anxiety or heart palpitations, explore the four common types of rhythm disorders and what you can do.

Busting heart health myths

Heart disease affects many people who may seem like a picture of health. That’s why understanding the facts about these conditions that kill more Americans each year than any other disease is so important. Be better informed about your own risk and ready to help your loved ones live heart healthy.

Download: Printable blood pressure tracking log

Tracking your blood pressure at home? Download our printable blood pressure tracking log to get started. Watch the video below to learn a cardiologist's top tips for getting an accurate reading.

Find a care provider

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