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Breast Surgery

If you need breast surgery, you can put your trust in the experts at Adventist Health. You receive services from experienced general surgeons and a team that cares about you as an individual.

Our team’s concern for your overall well-being includes support and coordination so you can focus on getting better.

Expert breast surgery services

Adventist Health delivers exceptional surgical services with a focus on quality. Our team includes general surgeons who are highly experienced at performing specialized procedures. Their expertise helps you receive safe and precise care.

You are not alone in your care journey. Nurse navigators provide additional coordination for breast cancer patients. All patients benefit from the heartfelt support of our extended team.

Multidisciplinary breast care

Our breast surgeons work with primary care providerscancer specialists and other Adventist Health experts whenever necessary.

We are in regular communication, managing small details that can make a big difference in your treatment and results.

What to expect from breast surgery

There are many reasons you may need breast surgery, such as removing cancerous or noncancerous growths.

Before your procedure, we provide all the information you need to feel prepared. The team explains the type of procedure you need and how it works. We also answer any questions you may have.

Find out more by reading our general surgery patient resources.

Breast surgery and other procedures we offer

Your care may include:

  • Partial mastectomy (lumpectomy): Taking out diseased tissue and some nearby healthy tissue
  • Full (simple) mastectomy: Removing an entire breast
  • Excisional biopsy: Taking out part of an abnormal growth so it can be evaluated in a lab
  • Sentinal lymph node biopsy: Removing a sample of nearby glands (lymph nodes) if there’s a concern the cancer has spread
  • Breast reconstruction: Repairing breast shape and appearance after cancer surgery
  • Wireless localization device: Implanting a tiny seed-like device that enables surgeons to accurately pinpoint abnormal tissue during your procedure

Let us be your partner in health

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