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Orthopedic Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers about orthopedic care with us.

If you’re living with orthopedic pain, it’s understandable to want relief. If you’re facing orthopedic treatment, you’re bound to have questions. Adventist Health has answers.

We want you to be informed and confident. Our orthopedics FAQ is designed to ease your concerns and help you feel supported.

Orthopedic FAQ

Patient education is one of the cornerstones of care at Adventist Health. We believe that educated patients go into treatment confidently and heal better.

Whether you’re recovering from orthopedic surgery with us or considering consulting with one of our doctors, we want you to get the information you need.

Can you provide pediatric orthopedic services to my child?

Some Adventist Health locations offer pediatric orthopedic care. Contact your nearest clinic for details.

I don’t play a sport but I am active and experience pain. Should I see a sports medicine doctor?

Absolutely. Our sports medicine doctors treat anyone who has a movement-related issue.

I have older imaging tests. Can you use them?

Our nurse navigators can tell you if older tests are still useful. We make every effort possible to use older imaging scans if appropriate.

I have a complex condition. Can an orthopedist still help?

Because Adventist Health is a large healthcare network, we are able to collaborate with neurologists and other specialists. If you need a referral, we can make personal recommendations based on our relationships with other doctors.

Do all of your doctors perform surgery?

Orthopedic surgeons perform surgery. Sports medicine doctors do not, but often collaborate with orthopedic surgeons.

What is arthroscopic surgery?

In arthroscopic surgery, your doctor makes a small incision and inserts a thin tube with a camera and tools. This enables the doctor to diagnose orthopedic problems and perform some surgeries. Arthroscopy is used to diagnose and treat a wide range of joint problems including torn or damaged cartilage, joint lining inflammation, torn ligaments, joint scarring and loose bone fragments.

Do you offer pain management treatments?

We never want you to be in unnecessary pain. Whether we treat you with anti-inflammatory injections or prescribe medication after orthopedic surgery, your team will carefully monitor you while we manage your pain.

What are the advantages of robotic surgery?

Minimally invasive robotic surgery gives the orthopedic surgeon more control and precision than traditional surgery. Many patients experience shorter hospitalizations, faster recovery time, less blood loss, reduced pain, minimal scarring and reduced risk of infection.

I had surgery at another orthopedic hospital. Can I complete my rehabilitation at Adventist Health?

Yes. Contact us to get started with orthopedic rehabilitation at Adventist Health.

How can I get my medication refilled?

Contact the nurse navigator at your orthopedist’s office. He or she can help you get a refill if necessary.

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