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Naomi grew up in a big family. Her mom always talked about how the time she gave birth with the help of a midwife was her best birth experience. So when Naomi learned she was pregnant, there was no question what birth experience she wanted. “I knew right away I wanted an unmedicated birth,” she remembers. “I wanted it to be an atmosphere that didn’t feel like a hospital.”

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Andre & Lisa

Gresham Residents, Dr. Sharon Wong, OB/GYN

"When we went into labor, the only thing we could think about was getting to the Family Birth Place. Once we arrived, it felt like we were home. The birthing room was so comfortable, and the nurses took care of everything so that all we had to focus on was giving birth to our beautiful daughter. Our doctor had been there every step of the way, and her command of that day was like a conductor."



"Having my first child at Adventist Medical Center was amazing. I had a three-page typed birth plan. They met my every need before and after the birth. Giving birth was a momentary cataclysmic change in my life. As a yoga and pilates instructor, I used those exercises to prepare for the longest workout of my entire life. I had a lot of confidence that I could do it. Being here at Adventist Medical Center where I could fully experience that gave the moment a very intense quality. My husband and I were given the space and time to enjoy the birth and the first moments with our child."

Sok & Scott


"We'd had a very good experience at the Family Birth Place with the birth of our son and were happy to be able to return there for the birth of our daughter. The helpfulness of the staff, the level of security, the facilities--especially the spa tub, all create a safe and comfortable atmosphere. And when our baby girl was born prematurely and had to spend time in the Level II nursery, the staff went far beyond the normal call of duty in caring for us. The entire experience really exceeded our expectations."

Penny & David

The Dalles

"The care and nurturing we received at Adventist Medical Center far surpassed our experience at other hospitals. The staff were so professional and compassionate and seemed to anticipate our every need. Their enthusiasm for the work they're doing is apparent by their friendliness and the personal interest they take in their patients. As Christians, we felt a very spiritual presence and really appreciated the nurses' willingness to pray with us. We highly recommend the Family Birth Place to anyone expecting."