surgical services

Outpatient Surgery

Short stays to get you home sooner

Most people heal fastest when they are surrounded by their loved ones in a familiar setting. That's why our surgeons and care teams use the least invasive options for surgery and do everything they safely can to get you come quickly.

Thanks to surgical advances like robotic-assisted and laparoscopic surgeries, many surgeries can occur in the morning, and you can recover in the comfort and convenience of your own home later the same day.

Learn more about robotic-assisted and other minimally invasive surgeries.

Helping you go home sooner

After surgery, your care team will make sure you understand what care you need at home. They'll answer any questions you may have before you leave the hospital. One of our registered nurses may call you at home within a few days to see how you are doing and answer any new questions.

We want you to have an excellent experience with the best possible outcome. That's why we have dedicated rooms for your care before and after surgery as well as comfortable waiting areas for your friends and family.

The short-stay care team is specially trained to know your needs before and after surgery. They have the expertise to provide professional and quality care throughout your stay with us.